Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exorcising Futility

I am a big supporter of reducing redundancy on the web. This is why I have strutch a strong lead towards Google services, why bother using webmail elsewhere when Gmail fullfills all of my wants and needs? ( when it comes to email ) Truth be told I have an account with just about everyone but Gmail is the only one I actually use. There is redundancy and then there is futility.

 Example, Novell recently announced that they would be porting Microsoft's SIlverlight technology to the iPhone via the open source Moonlight project. Unless Novell knows something of which I do not, which is quite possible, the iPhone SDK forbids programs being able to execute instructions. This is why you do not see Flash, Emulators or even interpreters for the BASIC programming language, they have been made, Apple does not allow them. Why waste the time if you can't release it? To prove that it could be done? I don't think that was necessary.

On a similar note, Opera is porting Opera mini to the iPhone and from what I have heard, its speedy. This is great, this is dandy, but it is also against the terms of service. Whether it is because of the executable clause or if its just because Apple doesn't want competition for mobile Safari the iphone SDK does not allow this, again... unless Opera knows something I do not. ( I am quite sure they know quite more than me, but is this just a show of bravado or is there real merrit here? )

We need to exorcise futility out of our life, not excercising futility because we can, because worse than redudancy is the wasted effort and time that could have gone to a more charitable and open platform, like say.. Android.

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