Sunday, February 28, 2010

The problem with Gmail.

Gmail is everything. It is the major hub by which I stay in contact,
make connections and stay up to date. The problem is, the official
means to be notified of new email... well... they are pretty terrible,
you can use the notifier which was last updated in 2006 or you can use
Google Talk, which does a good job of showing you new mail, but you
can't do much with it.

Multiple IM client Digsby does a good job of letting you check email,
compose new email and you can mark email as read. This is great, the
problem is, you have to use Digsby. I used to love Digsby, but its
name has been tracked through mud, and it was of their own doing.

What I want, is an application that sits in my task tray, notifies me
of new emails, lets me send new ones and has offline support so I
don't have to wait for a page to load to be able to send email. I want
to be able to mark items as read, archive, or label incoming emails.
Filter support in the application would be divine.

Could this happen? It could, would this happen? I suppose that depends
on Google, and on the millions of hackers out there. Is this something
that a lone coder could create? Possibly, I look towards the great
coders I have come to rely upon. Someone do this, Gmail is too great a
service to be stuck at web 2.0. I want the web in my world, since so
much of my world is in it.

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